I haven’t posted here in a a year. I didn’t think I would need to say anything by now but I still get an occasional message. Might as well say it officially. Yes this blog is dead. I don’t have any motivation for it anymore. But I am not deleting it. Who knows, maybe I will come back (but I doubt it).

Asks are now closed.

Feel free to chat me up on my main blog though!

I also have a blog only for my art for those who don’t want their dashes cluttered with the stuff I reblog on my main.

Thanks for all the fun times <3

Volt: They are all good pups and have their quirks! Watts is stubborn, loves the thrill of adventure and tends to be fearless. He also seems to enjoy running as much as I do and races against me from time to time. (I let him win of course) 

Thunder is a sweet girl but oh boy does she love to cause trouble and sneak off on her own little adventures. She often pulls pranks, whether it be on her siblings, wandering humans or even.. me. They are mostly harmless though. But she is also very confident and is willing to stand up for those she cares about without a second thought.

And finally Blot, the runt of the litter! Bolt is extremely gentle, bashful and even more shy than Corrine. It doesn’t take much to startle the poor thing. He is a mommy’s boy and usually doesn’t stray far from her. While the other two pups are fairly hyperactive, Bolt is very laid back and just likes to enjoy the scenery.

Volt: All three of our eggs hatched successfully! We have two boys and one girl. Expect to see more of them soon.

Volt: Wait it’s hatching!!

Volt: oh no..

Corrine: please hatch!

Volt: wow just look at the little fellas. Just one more to go!

Volt: Any minute now!!

Volt: Thank you all! I’ve been pretty busy so sorry for the lack of answers lately. But the eggs should be hatching soon! So keep your eyes peeled.


((My first real attempt with flash, it took me all day!))

oh yes this is awesome!